My Backgrounds

Backgrounds over the years
Migrant Hawker D1315 Migrant Hawker D1297 Migrant Hawker D1296 Migrant Hawker D1276
Migrant Hawker D1264 Migrant Hawker D1257 Migrant Mandibles D1242 Migrant Eyes D1223
Migrant Hawker D1210 Common Darter (fem) D1198 Common Darter Wheel D1188 Common Green Bottle Fly D1177
Hoverfly D1173 Common Darter D1167 Migrant Hawker D1157 Migrant Hawker D1128
Migrant Hawker D1066 Speckled Wood D1061 Red Admiral D1058 Common Darter Wheel D1054
Common Darter Wheel D1049 Common Darter (fem) D1042 Common Darter (fem) D1037 Common Darter (fem) D1024
Common Darter (fem) D1016 Migrant Hawker D0967 Migrant Hawker D0956 Migrant Eyes D0883
Migrant Hawker D0881 Hoverfly D0874 Harlequin Ladybird D0873 Brimstone D0855
Speckled Wood D0834 Common Darter D0823 Honey Bee D0792 Migrant Hawker D0765
Common Darter D0739 Southern Hawker D0721 Migrant Hawker D0701 Fly D0688
Fly D0677 Fly D0674 Blue-tailed damsel D0613 Mozzies D0598
Mozzies D0594 Great White Egret D0516 Great White Egret D0484 Norfolk Hawker D0423
Comma D0403 Emperor D0353 Cabbage White D0317 Norfolk Hawker D0301
Scarlet Tiger Moth D0240 Leucistic Sparrow D0209 Keeled Skimmer (fem) D0171 Keeled Skimmer (fem) D0155
Caterpillars D0132 Adder D0123 Norfolk Hawker D0106 Norfolk Hawker D0076
Black-tailed Skimmer D0067 4 spotted chaser D0051 Rudd D0009 Marsh Orchid C9996
Marbled Grass-Veneer Moth C9990 Chiffchaff C9628 Leucistic Goldfinch C9362 Take-off C9350
Cormorant C9321 Stonechat C9314 Shoveler C9309 Gadwall C9300
Shoveler C9286 Leopard C4483 Verraux Eagle Owl C4202 Green Lacewing C3852
Small Heath C3840 Small Blue C3809 Silver-studded Blue C3786 Small Skipper C3762
Small Skipper C3755 Large Skipper C3749 Small Copper C3718 Ringlet C3696
Small Red Damselfly wheel C3614 Large Red Damselfly C3606 Great White Egret C3273 Snipe C3247
Widgeon C3226 Bluetit C3201 Sparrowhawk C3191 Little Egret C3180
Long Tailed Tit C3162 Chiffchaff C3154 Grey Wagtail C3093 Siskin hen C2976
Bluetit C2951 Siskin male C2941 Coaltit C2900 Spoonbills C2890
Bulfinch C2593 Lesser Yellowlegs C2532 SuperBloodWolfMoon 190121 Lesser Yellowlegs C2079
Waterrail C2018 Canada Goose C1877 Heron C1870 Little Egret C1824
Little Egret C1803 Great White Egrets C1792 Great White Eget C1723 Great White Egret C1643
Sunset over M3 (phone J5) Keeled Skimmer (fem. overmature) C0716 Small Red Damselfly C0708 Keeled Skimmer C0704
4 spotted chaser C0689 Small Copper C0675 Common Blue pair C0671 Adonis Blue C0637
Gatekeeper C0612 Keeled Skimmer fem. C0454 Emerald Damselfly C0402 Nuthatch C0389
Ring-necked Pheasant C0354 Grey Squirrel C0349 Bulfinch C0323 Bunny C0276
4 spotted chaser C0188 Wood White C0125 Mute Swan C0108 Yellowhammer C0049
Yellowhammer C0032 Wheatear B9947 Rock B9925 Red Legged Partridge B9767
Sanderling B9749 Black Tailed Godwit B9628 Pheasant B9608 Greenshank B9516
Oystercatcher B9504 Redshank B9465 Goosander B9438 Goosander B9433
Grey Heron B9384 Reed Bunting B9295 Chaffinch B9277 Siskin B9270
Siskin B9266 Scarlet Elf Cup B9241 Lapwings B9180 Meadow Pipit B9125
Greater Spotted Woodpecker B8962 Reed Bunting hen B8924 Shellduck B8760 Teal B8730
Snowdrops B8714 Widgeon B8685 Brambling B8670 Roe Deer B8613
Tufted Duck B8585 Miniature garden B8552 Blackcap B8482 Dunlin B8398
Hooded Merganser B8166 Greater Spotted Woodpecker B7942 Coal Tit B7800 Treecreeper B7782
Long Tailed Tit B7725 Coal Tit B7717 Stonechat B7625 Teal B7596
Red Squirrel B7410 Little Egret B7299 Kingfishers B7234 Kingfisher B7230
Robin B7089 Painted Lady B7082 Hornet B7051 Painted Lady B7044
Comma B7035 Ring-necked Pheasant B7029 Fox B7019 Red Admiral B6964
Wheatear B6955 Buzzard B6928 Kestrel B6896 Bar Tailed Godwit B6874
Curlew B6808 Curlew B6775 Raft Spiders B6613 Garden Spider B6612
Wasp Spider B6593 Sika deer B6553 Black-headed Gull B6525 Spoonbills B6508
Great White Egret B6395 Red Arrow B5343 Red Arrows B5126 Emperor eyes B4893
Small Red-eyed damsel B4871 Comma B4837 Southern Hawker eyes B4835 Southern Hawker B4823
Common Blue B4781 Common Forrester B4778 Gatekeeper B4735 Chalk Hill Blue B4731
Wall Brown B4720 Raft Spider with eggsack B4651 Wasp Spider B4614 Empress ovipositing B4545
Small Red-eyed damselfly B4456 Ruddy Darter B4179 Ruddy Darter B4119 Mediterrenean Gull B4073
Mediterranean Gull B4046 Black and Yellow Longhorn B3953 Azure Damsel B3853 Keeled Skimmer B3848
Keeled Skimmer B3843 White Admiral B3830 White Admiral B3824 Small Red Damsels B3706
Bee Orchid B3427 Azure damsels ovipositing B3405 Large Red pair B3393 Downy Emerald B3322
Sparrow B3264 Marsh Harrier B3218 Blackcap B2963 Robin B2849
Thrush B2846 Vole B2798 Jay B2759 Wren B2751
Lapwing B2737 Osprey B2258 Grebe B2132 Greylag B2088
Starlings B2055 Gargany B2011 Wren B1958 Reed Bunting B1376
Reed Bunting B1169 Nuthatch B1151 orange breasted bush shrike A9200 emperor dragonfly A8903
Hoopoe A8755 Fish Eagles A8370 Marico sunbird A7799 Spotted sandveld lizard A7775
lilac breasted roller A7772 white fronted bee eater A7599 Impala Lily A7557 lapped faced vulture A7533
lion A7492 lion A7490 crested barbet A7438 giant kingfisher A7397
sunset A7361 pearl spotted owlet A7176 Arrow marked babbler A7144 pied kingfisher A7105
Lilac breasted roller A6991 Brown headed parrot A6964 Hyena A6955 cheetah A6671
grey lauries A6452 Memorial Flight A5756 Gatekeeper A4826 Bee Orchid A4397
Pyramidal Orchid A4341 Broad-bodied chaser A3903 Common Blue A3890 Linnet A3861
Little Owls A3838 Nuthatch A2868 Red Squirrel A2527 snipe1
snipe Tadnoll Heath A2425 Spotted Flycatcher A2342 Wryneck
Ceti's Warbler A0539 Black-headed gulls A0326 Sandwich Tern Peacock 23954
Peacock 23953 Ring-necked Pheasant 23177 Greater Spotted Woodpecker 23150 Nuthatch 23087
white stag Bearded Tit 22981 bulfinch 22753 Green Finch 22675
Long Tailed Tit 22656 Goldfinch 22645 robin Buzzard 22504
Goldcrest 22453 Great Tit 22352 Blue Tit 22340 Little Owl 22078
Little Owl 22076 Clouded Yellow 21084 Spoonbill 20666 Green-backed Heron 20469
Green-backed Heron 20442 Jacana 20406 Hyena pup 20367 Pied Kingfisher 20208
Open Billed Stork 20196 Pied Wagtail 20149 Southern White-crowned Shrike 20100 Pied Kingfisher 20062
Black Collared Barbet 20052 Blue-tailed Sandveld Lizard 20011 Red-billed Oxpecker 19996 serval 19920
Bateleur 19797 Banded Groundling 19785 Red-winged Starling 19686 Brown-hooded Kingfisher 19672
Brown Headed parrot 19428 Sharpe's Grysbok 19406 warthog white throated bee eater 19237
Crocs 19222 burgess cougal 19202 Blue Waxwings 19189 Purple Roller 19067
Woolly-necked stork1 Hoopoe 18985 Emerald spotted dove 18886 Pied Kingfisher 18842
Southern Ground Hornbill 18720 Elephant Hawk Moth caterpillar 18028 thistle Crane's Bill
Marbled White 17538 Marbled White 17530 Common Vetch 17425 Iris 17424
Forget me not 17415 Southern Marsh Orchid Bearded Tit 17326 Bearded Tit 17307
Bittern 17280 Bittern 17244 Barnacle Goose 17206 Avocets 17205
Grass snake 17147 Orange Tipped 17118 Avocet 16960 white throat
Eider ducks 16625 redpoll1 redpoll2 Grebe 16486
Dabchick 16464 Pochard 16434 Avocet 16327 Greenshank 16273
redshank Razorbill Brunnich's Guillemot The Needles
Alum Bay 14867 Wasp spider Black Darter wheel 14779 Black Darter 14776
Southern Hawker Portland in the mist Silver-washed fritillary BB Chaser 14628
Black Tailed Skimmer 14624 Golden Ringed 14619 Choughs 14599 Chough 14585
Brimstone 14479 Blue tailed wheel 14456 Ratata 14403 Challenger tank 14338
Fish Art 14195 Kestrel 13870 ring ouzel snow bunting
Pin-tailed Ducks 13423 Portland sunrise Migrant Hawker 12998 Emerald damselfly 12925
Small Red Damsels in tandem 12924 Small Red Damsel 12875 Black Darter 12869 Black Darter female 12597
Raft spider 12555 Common Tern 12530 Silverfox Shoveller
Hooded Merganser 11913 waterrail scops owl Red-billed Firefinch 10607
Malachite Kingfisher 10514 Fish Eagle 10508 Malachite Kingfisher 10116 Cape Buffalo 09845
Baobab (most southerly) 09796 Grey-headed Bush Shrike 09776 Lioness & Cub 09733 Bateleur 09636
Giant Kingfisher 09425 sunset in kruger Paradise Flycatcher 09251 Lilac Breasted Roller 09216
Lion 09113 Lion one eyed 09105 Double-banded Sandgrouse 09075 Crested Barbet 09055
Monitor Lizard 09018 Monitor Lizard 09004 Hornbill Water Dikkop 08878
White crested helmet shrike 08857 Magpie Shrike 28765 Leopard Cub 08736 Blue Waxwing 08708
Chalk Hill Blue Chalk Hill Blue 08617 Common Blue 08608 Dartford Warbler 08221
Kestrel 08198 stonechat Seal White Bluebells
Mandarin Duck 06884 Carolina Duck 6854 Cranes 06443 Woolly-necked stork
Bulbul 04992 white throated bee eater 04971 Lilac Breasted Roller 04957 White rhino head
zebras Hyena pups 04918 Marabou 04892 Peekaboo 04714
Cheetah with kill 04701 Bateleur 04607 green boulder kopje 04547 Hyena 04525
Kudus 04492 White-bellied Sunbird Citrus Swallowtail 04335 Southern Ground Hornbill 04323
Impalas 04287 Hadeda Ibis 04252 Purple Roller 04023 Pearl Spotted Owlet 03977
Catalina 02897 Broad-bodied chaser 1634 Camberwell Beauty 01403 Bearded Tit 0205
Giraffes P3635 Broad-bordered Accrea Lizard P3586 weaverbird
Malachite Kingfisher P3488 Leopard P3459 Hippo P3415 Hippo P3401
Lions in love P3321 Lizard P3012 God's Window stalls P2984 Tiger tank
BB Chaser BB Chaser '09 2208 Tiger Hoverfly P2189 Common Darter wheel P1287
Small Copper P1236 Common Darter P1221 The eyes have it P1184 Common blue damsel wheel P0959
Common darter (immature) P0952 Emperor P0931 Small Red-eyed damselflies P0888 Common Darter P0864
Common Darter P0843 Common damselfly (imm) P0733 2x Empress P0421 Blue-tailed damselfly violacea P0409
Green Hairstreak P0308 Large Red damsel P0261 Azure Damsel P0149 Blue tailed damsel P0145
4 spotted chaser Sunrise Hornet Hoverfly P2257 Painted Lady P2241
Common Darter P2186 Common Darter P2185 Beautiful demoiselle (fem) P1867 Beautiful Demoiselle (fem) P1862
Emperor dragonfly P1241 Golden Ringed P1194 4 spotted chaser eyes P0725 Migrant Hawker wheel P0121
Migrant Hawker P0100 Dinosaur P0008 Privet Hawk Moth P0004 Beautiful Demoiselle P0075
Beautiful Demoiselle P0057 Autumn at Dartmeet Nov '04